Ear aesthetics



earStitch surgery is a safe , minimalist approach to prominent ear correction,          

15 minutes per ear            

Local anaesthetic             

Day case procedure            

No bandages            

Rapid return to normal activity   

earStitch is suitable for all shapes and sizes or ear, and all degrees of prominence. earStitch can be used for subtle corrections as desired , but can also be used to set back very prominent ears.

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The earfold is a revolutionary device used to correct ear prominence. To date , Mr O'Toole has implanted over 350 earfold devices. He is a leader in the field in this procedure,  and teaches surgeons worldwide his minimalist approach.   

The procedure takes minutes under local anaesthetic, with an instant correction and a rapid recovery. No dressings are needed and a return to most sports and activities is possible in less than a week.  

Earfold is suitable for many patients with ear prominence, and can be combined with other procedures such as earlobe reduction or conchal bowl setback. For those for whom earfold is not suitable, the Earstitch procedure is a simple minimalist alternative.

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Ear reduction


Ear reduction surgery, to reduce the size and width of the ear, is a simple minimalist procedure. It is performed as a day case under local anaesthetic.     As can be seen, the helical rim is stronger in the surgically reduced ear, and a similar surgical approach can be used for patients with a flat helical rim whose desire is to see a this anatomical element of the ear strengthened.

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Earlobe reduction


Correction of droopy earlobes is a simple and safe procedure, performed under local anaesthetic which rejuvenates the ear. Mr O'Toole uses an approach to surgery which leaves the scar hidden on the lowermost part of the lobe, visible only from underneath.

Earlobe surgery

Helical rim surgery


Helical rim surgery, for a Darwin's tubercle, or any contour issue, can be easily and simply corrected with day case surgery under local anaesthetic.

Reverse otoplasty


Overcorrected ear prominence can be reversed.  A "reverse otoplasty" is a procedure used to undo a common complication of a standard otoplasty, namely over-correction. It can involve using a small strut of rib cartilage, placed behind the ear. This is a very reliable approach and will reverse the over-correction.      Using a prosthetic material is an alternative approach whichallows the surgery to be performed as a day case.

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Congenital ear surgery



Not all congenital deformity follows a predicatable pattern, as in microtia. Careful planning and years of experience in such cases, allows for excellent outcomes.

Ear Trauma

Bite injuries


Human bite injuries are common and victims suffer enormously as a result. Surgery, replacing the missing framework with rib cartilage allows for excellence in results.

Ear trauma surgery

Earlobe stretchers


Earlobe stretchers can deform the lobe. Surgery to correct such deformity is simple, in experienced hands.

Earlobe surgery